Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Watering Love

There's a difference between 'love' and 'like'. 
If you like a flower you'll pick it but if you love a flower, you'll water it everyday. 

Bouquet  photo by  Liz West  (Text added to the original image)  CC BY 2.0 

Monday, September 15, 2014



You're beautiful covered in flaws,
perfection with all of your falls.
We suit like the moon and a dream.
Your soul was tailored for me.
I wear you wherever I go.
Your eyes confide with mine
Our love intertwines with the hope
of eternally dividing our time.
A permanent Déjà Vu
of you is where I live.
You button up the truth
and offer what no one gives.
I dress in your attire;
a confidence only I own.
And listen so that I may hear
the silence between your words.

You're tailored
to fit
in my world.

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Live The Moments

Don't just count the minutes of time;
live the moments in time.

Time  photo  by  János Balázs (Text added to the original image)  CC BY-SA 2.0