Wednesday, October 15, 2014



The Masks We Wear
To Hide Our Scars
Reveal A Lie
Of The Beauty We Are
The Gloves We Wear
When Touching Our Mold
Can No Longer Tell
The Warm From The Cold


The Fortress We Built
Protecting Our Hearts
Keeps Them Secluded
Candles In The Dark
The Box That We Carry
Holds Nothing Of Value
When We're Living Inside It
As The World Passes Through


We Gasp For Air
And Continue To Paint
The Picture Of Walls
Full Of Picture Frames
Exhibit The Vanity
To Guests In Our Home
They Garble The Lie
And Teach To The Known


Compassion For All
Forgiveness And Truth
A Voice For The Silent
A Respect For The New
A Peace In The Chaos
A Dream That We Yearn
A "Love You" Unchained
And A Hope Of Return


Fisherman  photo by   Moonstar simanjuntak  CC BY  2.0

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You don't have to be funny
to make someone smile

Blur Of Smile  photo by   Porsche Brosseau  (Text added to the original image)  CC BY 2.0

Friday, October 10, 2014

Falling Apart

good things fall apart
so better things
can fall together.

Summertime means puzzle time  by  Kevin Dooley  (Text added to the original image)   CC BY 2.0