Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Closed Eyes

"Closed Eyes"

I wasn't always pretty, sad but it's the ugly truth.
In fact, when I was dark, all my colors were one shade above black.
You were the first person to show me that love wasn't a myth.
The first eyes that I woke up to and the first soul that I kissed.
But I came home one day to find your mind had just left.
Taken by a monster that took more than your last breath.
The remaining presence that was left, I held tightly in my arms.
Leaking all my first tears on your shadow, blanket and palms.
Lights off. You faded away like fast passing cars.
And as I let go for the last time, all the memories just paused.
All that I have is the intro of a story that never felt the end,
a smell I can only remember and an imaginary friend.
There's not a single day that passes were you don't slither in my thoughts.
But if I could I wouldn't change it for all the beauty that it brought.
I couldn't tell you that everything happens for a reason without a cry,
but I can promise you that when you closed your eyes
I opened mine.

**This poem is now owned by "Bullishxrp" on Rarible (more details here)**

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