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Thursday, September 24, 2015



You're Beautiful Covered In Flaws,
Perfection With All Of Your Falls.
We Suit Like The Moon And A Dream.
Your Soul Was Tailored For Me.
I Wear You Wherever I Go.
Your Eyes Confide With Mine
Our Love Intertwines With The Hope
Of Eternally Dividing Our Time.
A Permanent Déjà Vu
Of You Is Where I Live.
You Button Up The Truth
And Offer What No One Gives.
I Dress In Your Attire;
A Confidence Only I Own.
And Listen So That I May Hear
The Silence Between Your Words.

You're Tailored
To Fit
In My World.

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    Thursday, September 3, 2015

    Mirrors That Lie

    "Mirrors That Lie"

    And she stands right in front of it,
    doubting what it says.
    She looks a little deeper
    as the reflections come to greet her.
    They told her that no one
    would ever fall for her and keep her,
    and her tragic past sums the reason
    that her life is getting cheaper.
    It showed her all the memories
    that took away her innocence.
    A child forced to play the ugly tunes
    with heavy instruments.
    Growing up insecure
    about defining what is beauty.
    Is it in the eyes of the beholder
    or in the magazines and movies?
    Should she turn into seducing
    to get attention from a potential,
    like other women that fail to keep
    their secret body confidential?
    But while the woman with the short skirt
    and open blouse is sad
    because she know that's the only way
    she'll get any attention,
    the lady that's conservative
    can feel nothing but mad
    because all eyes are on the "open blouse"
    and her class is never mentioned.
    Just as those reflections
    were about to make her cry,
    she realized that she was beautiful
    and the mirror
    told a lie.

    Thursday, August 20, 2015

    Break To Find

    "Break To Find"

    Break your fears to discover the unknown
    and tear out of your comfort.
    Unlock the chains that tame your name.
    Release the pain to remain unhurt.
    Be the judge of your all thoughts,
    quit telling yourself lies.
    Stop floating in a crowded sky
    with what clips your wings to fly.

    Break to find.

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    Thursday, August 13, 2015

    Look For Me

    "Look For Me"

    Look For Me
     When You Feel Alone
     In A Crowded Room
     Full Of Empty Worlds
     I'll Leave A Path
     Of Hope With Words
    Look For Me

    When You Feel Alone

    Wednesday, October 15, 2014



    The Masks We Wear
    To Hide Our Scars
    Reveal A Lie
    Of The Beauty We Are
    The Gloves We Wear
    When Touching Our Mold
    Can No Longer Tell
    The Warm From The Cold


    The Fortress We Built
    Protecting Our Hearts
    Keeps Them Secluded
    Candles In The Dark
    The Box That We Carry
    Holds Nothing Of Value
    When We're Living Inside It
    As The World Passes Through


    We Gasp For Air
    And Continue To Paint
    The Picture Of Walls
    Full Of Picture Frames
    Exhibit The Vanity
    To Guests In Our Home
    They Garble The Lie
    And Teach To The Known


    Compassion For All
    Forgiveness And Truth
    A Voice For The Silent
    A Respect For The New
    A Peace In The Chaos
    A Dream That We Yearn
    A "Love You" Unchained
    And A Hope Of Return


    Monday, September 29, 2014



    I Feel A Change
    My Colors Bleed
    They Paint The World
    In Which I Live
    I Close My Eyes
    And Fly Away
    But I’ll Return
    Like Night For Day
    Today I Die
    To Be Reborn
    Like Pretty Clouds
    That Turn To Storms
    My Passion Rains
    It Floods The Sea
    Who I Was Then
    Can Now Be Free

    Monday, September 22, 2014

    Pending Love

    "Pending Love"

    I walk past you yesterday
    but you didn't meet my eyes.
    I waved a glow
    into your darkness
    but you didn't see my light.
    Tomorrow's another day
    that transforms into a night
    and that converts into another chance
    to win you in this fight.
    You don't know that I exist
    but I'm about to change your life
    and that rope of fear your tied to
    is about to feel my knife.
    Today we're near again
    but this time I get to greet you.
    My name is Pending Love,
    it's a pleasure to meet you.

    I walked past you yesterday
    but you didn't meet my eyes...

    Monday, August 11, 2014

    Salty Rain

    “Salty Rain”

    Underneath My Sky
    Our Eyes Are In Disguise
    When Dancing In Our Rain
    Our Tears Don’t Have To Cry
    I Feel The Words You Say
    Before You Try To Speak
    Underneath This Sky
    Your Joy Is Part Of Me
    So Rain Under My Clouds
    And Rip Through Your Umbrella
    Play The Silent Bliss Inside
    Of You That Sings In Acapella
    Let It Rain Let It Pour
    Those Tears That You Avoid
    And Soak Under My Sky
    In Salty Tears Of Joy

    Tuesday, August 5, 2014



    Floating The Waves
    Deviating Away
    Colliding With All
    The Scattered Debris
    A Leak On The Vessel
    From All Of The Hits
    Sunk The Heart
    To The Depth Of A Sea
    And Now It Sinks
    It Sinks In The Sea
    Submerging To Find
    What Curiosity Seeks
    The Ocean Is Deep
    With Wrecks Of A Love
    Where Vulnerability

    Tuesday, July 29, 2014

    The Darkest Hour

    "The Darkest Hour"

    In My Darkest Hour
    I Beg That You Don't Go
    I've Met This Time Before
    Twenty-Three Hours Ago.
    Moments Here Are Too Early
    As Much As They Are Late
    Seconds Fly The Slowest
    Minutes Are Drenched In Pain
    These Sixty Are All That Matter
    Making Rest Hard To Count
    I Ask That You Stay In My Company
    Don't Leave Me Despite Of My Doubt

    In My Darkest Hour
    I Know That Hope Will Stay

    Thursday, July 24, 2014

    The Remains

    "The Remains"

    Then One Day
    The Mask Came Off
    And Some Who Watched
    Drifted Off
    For That Beauty
    They Once Saw
    Was Now Covered
    In its Flaws
    Self Expression
    Finally Free
    A Flower Trapped
    Inside Its Seed
    Who Will Leave
    And Who Will Stay
    When All That's Left
    Is What Remains

    The Remains

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      Tuesday, July 22, 2014



      Attention! Can I have it undivided for just a second?
      Rip out of all your greedy desires and use your senses.
      Let the scent of my sentence leave an aroma in your life,
      So the next time you pass by you can take off your disguise.
      Who am I? Or better yet, who would you like me to be?
      Would you float to my island if my only friend was the sea?
      Would you dare be my companion until we grew old
      if I never revealed what was hiding under my clothes?
      If the wick to my candle burned up the last of its drop,
      would you walk in my dark room if I didn't have a god?
      If the key I hold with no expensive logo made me rare?
      Would you mind walking barefooted in the rain or would you care?
      Naked from gold with a very thirsty heart to get drunk,
      then hydrated on attention from a drink out of your cup.
      And all I wanted from your time was to open you to see
      that your attention isn't wanted if it isn't paid to me.

      The real me. You may proceed as you please.

      Monday, June 9, 2014

      Liberty From Clouds

      "Liberty From Clouds"

      I've Taken Off The Blindfold 
      I'm Not Blind Anymore
      I Can See Pass My Vision
      Sitting On A Higher Floor
      My Desires Require 
      For Me To Fly Without Wires
      A Bird In A Clouded Sky
      Refusing Songs With The Choir
      I Am Everything That I Never
      Imagined I Could Be
      The Clarity Of My Distorted Soul
      Is Finally Free
      And The Only Reason Why
      Tomorrow Wasn't Visible
      Was That The Brush I Used 
      To Paint My Life Was Invisible.

      Wednesday, May 28, 2014



      When those echos that detoured
      came back to confuse my soul
      Feeling warm with cold.
      Found and lost.
      Hate with love.
      High and low.
      Levitate me to the sky
      then let me go
      Avalanching through our past
      I'm falling fast like melting snow.
      And your presence only hurts me
      when I knows that if it goes
      my feet will feel a million pieces
      as shatter through this floor.
      Will your stay or will you go.
      I'm at your peak and need to know
      because there's a difference
      between jumping off the top
      and being thrown.

      Thursday, May 15, 2014

      Still Living In A Cloud

      "Still Living In A Cloud"

      I'm Still Living In A Cloud,
      So High Up I Can't Come Down 
      I See Shadows Marching With Me 
      But Nobody Is Around 
      All The Voices That Would Travel 
      Through Vibrations In The Air 
      And The Affections Of A Touch 
      Are Both Dissolving In Despair 
      The Fear Inside Me Has Adapted 
      To The Risk I Chose To Take 
      In A Cloud That Holds Me Captive 
      For Exchange Of Time And Dates 
      This Abode May Look Pretty 
      But There's Ugliness It Covers 
      Like A Puddle Mixed With Oil 
      That Reflects The Pretty Colors 
      Blurry Sky, Blurry Sky 
      What's The Hurry For A Night 
      You're Not Passing No One Up, 
      We're All Stopping At The Light 
      With A Foot Outside The Fog 
      I Take A Look Around The Town 
      And See The People That I Love,
      Lost Inside The Same Ol' Cloud 
      If I Jump, I Leap Alone,
      Leaving Everything I Own 
      My Storyline Will Disappear 
      But I Will Overthrow This Throne 
      Intertwining My Beliefs 
      Around A Parachute Of Courage,
      Getting Ready For A Fall 
      To A Surface With A Purpose

      Wednesday, May 7, 2014

      Closed Eyes

      "Closed Eyes"

      I wasn't always pretty, sad but it's the ugly truth.
      In fact, when I was dark, all my colors were one shade above black.
      You were the first person to show me that love wasn't a myth.
      The first eyes that I woke up to and the first soul that I kissed.
      But I came home one day to find your mind had just left.
      Taken by a monster that took more than your last breath.
      The remaining presence that was left, I held tightly in my arms.
      Leaking all my first tears on your shadow, blanket and palms.
      Lights off. You faded away like fast passing cars.
      And as I let go for the last time, all the memories just paused.
      All that I have is the intro of a story that never felt the end,
      a smell I can only remember and an imaginary friend.
      There's not a single day that passes were you don't slither in my thoughts.
      But if I could I wouldn't change it for all the beauty that it brought.
      I couldn't tell you that everything happens for a reason without a cry,
      but I can promise you that when you closed your eyes
      I opened mine.

      Monday, May 5, 2014

      Living In A Cloud

      "Living In A Cloud"

      I Am Living In A Cloud
      So High Up It Feels Surreal
      Disappearance Of The Ground
      Brings Appearance To A Realm
      I Can Hear The Screams And Whispers
      Begging For Acceptance
      Writing Stories Of My Life
      On The Dresses Of A Sentence
      How I Ache Just To Sink
      Through This Cloud And Come Down
      To Hear The Flowers, Smell The Sun,
      See The Winds And Touch The Sounds
      Hypocritically Laughing
      At Myself In Joyful Pain
      I Have Met So Many Others
      But I Only Know Their Names
      Will They Even Recognize Me
      If We Stood Side By Side
      Will Their Words Give Definition
      To The Depth Inside Their Eyes
      All My Memories Are Droplets
      Those That Mold This New Home
      I'm A Slave To This Crave
      But My Chains Give Room To Roam
      Nothing Hidden Is Alone
      Every Secret Has A Sound
      What We Mutter Is Understood
      Every Sigh Is Really Loud
      Free Your Mind And Fly With Me
      For This Cloud Will One Day Reign
      The Dirty Skies Will Clear
      And Our Lives Will Be Erased 
      Without A Trace

      Monday, May 6, 2013

      I'm Falling

      "I'm Falling"

      Please catch me, I'm falling. I'm falling deep into the clouds.
      I slipped as soon as I heard you calling, it felt soft like the lightest sound.
      My thoughts spring in a field of flowers, all growing with plenty of pretty colors.
      They paint portraits of two hearts touching, an art we can both call "lovers".
      Your gaze knocked me off balance it was a moment that we shared.
      You caught and read my entire story with that very single stare.
      Now gravity is pulling me, not only hard but with velocity.
      You're all I need; physically, mentally, here with me.

      Now catch me because I'm falling with my tears into a river.
      Forced to explore more than the pains I always feared when I would shiver.
      I've been broken from one piece and glued back with just one peace.
      Placed on a flimsy table with labels that read "Do not touch please".
      My boat is sinking in a shallow stream. I'm so afraid that I might drown.
      And I can see all the swimming trout but I can't seem to pick one out.
      Please catch me, I'm falling. I'm falling from the sky that's blue.
      So please catch me from falling because I'm falling out of love with you.

      Monday, April 29, 2013

      The Same Things

      "The Same Things"

      She's looking for a smile with her name, I'm looking for a laugh with my last.
      We're both seeking the same, for life is short and it will pass.
      The music plays while we hold hands and spin around a crowded room.
      Dancing like no one else is watching and our hearts are one in tune.
      The closest pair like 1 and 2, dividing fingers with each other's.
      Caressing palms while we're in public since the first day we became lovers.
      We say good morning and goodnight despite an argument or fight.
      We still talk before we dream about the lovely days of life.
      While they drink cups out in the lights, we're drinking warm tea on a table.
      Feeding each other all our secrets to make our bond a bit more stable.
      All that we want has the same label. We're simply browsing for some bliss
      It's all the simple things that matter when you're loving just to please.
      One day my heart will fold a knee and take your soul with me to claim it.
      There's always love destined to come when both are waiting for the same things. 
      The same things.

      Monday, April 22, 2013

      One Year Away From Old

      "One Year Away From Old"

      The sun rises and one of my first surprises
      is realizing that I survived when some died.
      I've seen the waves wash away the beauty made out on the shore.
      The ocean holding it like prisoners of war.
      Outside is a playground full of innocent minds,
      playing a life with no worries and oblivious to time.
      Their spring will always shine from the cold like old gold
      because their hearts are one year away from old.
      I was once told that the older I get,
      the more I'll regret.
      So I had to let go of the past then learn to forgive and forget.
      Live it like my last and drink it like my first.
      Arrivals of the grey and wrinkles can't and will not quench my thirst.
      I know that one day I'll expire but for now I will unfold.
      Forever young until that day I'll stay one year away from old.