Monday, May 6, 2013

I'm Falling

"I'm Falling"

Please catch me, I'm falling. I'm falling deep into the clouds.
I slipped as soon as I heard you calling, it felt soft like the lightest sound.
My thoughts spring in a field of flowers, all growing with plenty of pretty colors.
They paint portraits of two hearts touching, an art we can both call "lovers".
Your gaze knocked me off balance it was a moment that we shared.
You caught and read my entire story with that very single stare.
Now gravity is pulling me, not only hard but with velocity.
You're all I need; physically, mentally, here with me.

Now catch me because I'm falling with my tears into a river.
Forced to explore more than the pains I always feared when I would shiver.
I've been broken from one piece and glued back with just one peace.
Placed on a flimsy table with labels that read "Do not touch please".
My boat is sinking in a shallow stream. I'm so afraid that I might drown.
And I can see all the swimming trout but I can't seem to pick one out.
Please catch me, I'm falling. I'm falling from the sky that's blue.
So please catch me from falling because I'm falling out of love with you.