Monday, May 5, 2014

Living In A Cloud

"Living In A Cloud"

I Am Living In A Cloud
So High Up It Feels Surreal
Disappearance Of The Ground
Brings Appearance To A Realm
I Can Hear The Screams And Whispers
Begging For Acceptance
Writing Stories Of My Life
On The Dresses Of A Sentence
How I Ache Just To Sink
Through This Cloud And Come Down
To Hear The Flowers, Smell The Sun,
See The Winds And Touch The Sounds
Hypocritically Laughing
At Myself In Joyful Pain
I Have Met So Many Others
But I Only Know Their Names
Will They Even Recognize Me
If We Stood Side By Side
Will Their Words Give Definition
To The Depth Inside Their Eyes
All My Memories Are Droplets
Those That Mold This New Home
I'm A Slave To This Crave
But My Chains Give Room To Roam
Nothing Hidden Is Alone
Every Secret Has A Sound
What We Mutter Is Understood
Every Sigh Is Really Loud
Free Your Mind And Fly With Me
For This Cloud Will One Day Reign
The Dirty Skies Will Clear
And Our Lives Will Be Erased 
Without A Trace