Monday, April 29, 2013

The Same Things

"The Same Things"

She's looking for a smile with her name, I'm looking for a laugh with my last.
We're both seeking the same, for life is short and it will pass.
The music plays while we hold hands and spin around a crowded room.
Dancing like no one else is watching and our hearts are one in tune.
The closest pair like 1 and 2, dividing fingers with each other's.
Caressing palms while we're in public since the first day we became lovers.
We say good morning and goodnight despite an argument or fight.
We still talk before we dream about the lovely days of life.
While they drink cups out in the lights, we're drinking warm tea on a table.
Feeding each other all our secrets to make our bond a bit more stable.
All that we want has the same label. We're simply browsing for some bliss
It's all the simple things that matter when you're loving just to please.
One day my heart will fold a knee and take your soul with me to claim it.
There's always love destined to come when both are waiting for the same things. 
The same things.