Monday, April 22, 2013

One Year Away From Old

"One Year Away From Old"

The sun rises and one of my first surprises
is realizing that I survived when some died.
I've seen the waves wash away the beauty made out on the shore.
The ocean holding it like prisoners of war.
Outside is a playground full of innocent minds,
playing a life with no worries and oblivious to time.
Their spring will always shine from the cold like old gold
because their hearts are one year away from old.
I was once told that the older I get,
the more I'll regret.
So I had to let go of the past then learn to forgive and forget.
Live it like my last and drink it like my first.
Arrivals of the grey and wrinkles can't and will not quench my thirst.
I know that one day I'll expire but for now I will unfold.
Forever young until that day I'll stay one year away from old.