Thursday, May 15, 2014

Still Living In A Cloud

"Still Living In A Cloud"

I'm Still Living In A Cloud,
So High Up I Can't Come Down 
I See Shadows Marching With Me 
But Nobody Is Around 
All The Voices That Would Travel 
Through Vibrations In The Air 
And The Affections Of A Touch 
Are Both Dissolving In Despair 
The Fear Inside Me Has Adapted 
To The Risk I Chose To Take 
In A Cloud That Holds Me Captive 
For Exchange Of Time And Dates 
This Abode May Look Pretty 
But There's Ugliness It Covers 
Like A Puddle Mixed With Oil 
That Reflects The Pretty Colors 
Blurry Sky, Blurry Sky 
What's The Hurry For A Night 
You're Not Passing No One Up, 
We're All Stopping At The Light 
With A Foot Outside The Fog 
I Take A Look Around The Town 
And See The People That I Love,
Lost Inside The Same Ol' Cloud 
If I Jump, I Leap Alone,
Leaving Everything I Own 
My Storyline Will Disappear 
But I Will Overthrow This Throne 
Intertwining My Beliefs 
Around A Parachute Of Courage,
Getting Ready For A Fall 
To A Surface With A Purpose