Tuesday, July 22, 2014



Attention! Can I have it undivided for just a second?
Rip out of all your greedy desires and use your senses.
Let the scent of my sentence leave an aroma in your life,
So the next time you pass by you can take off your disguise.
Who am I? Or better yet, who would you like me to be?
Would you float to my island if my only friend was the sea?
Would you dare be my companion until we grew old
if I never revealed what was hiding under my clothes?
If the wick to my candle burned up the last of its drop,
would you walk in my dark room if I didn't have a god?
If the key I hold with no expensive logo made me rare?
Would you mind walking barefooted in the rain or would you care?
Naked from gold with a very thirsty heart to get drunk,
then hydrated on attention from a drink out of your cup.
And all I wanted from your time was to open you to see
that your attention isn't wanted if it isn't paid to me.

The real me. You may proceed as you please.