Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mirrors That Lie

"Mirrors That Lie"

And she stands right in front of it,
doubting what it says.
She looks a little deeper
as the reflections come to greet her.
They told her that no one
would ever fall for her and keep her,
and her tragic past sums the reason
that her life is getting cheaper.
It showed her all the memories
that took away her innocence.
A child forced to play the ugly tunes
with heavy instruments.
Growing up insecure
about defining what is beauty.
Is it in the eyes of the beholder
or in the magazines and movies?
Should she turn into seducing
to get attention from a potential,
like other women that fail to keep
their secret body confidential?
But while the woman with the short skirt
and open blouse is sad
because she know that's the only way
she'll get any attention,
the lady that's conservative
can feel nothing but mad
because all eyes are on the "open blouse"
and her class is never mentioned.
Just as those reflections
were about to make her cry,
she realized that she was beautiful
and the mirror
told a lie.