Sunday, March 29, 2015



Today I Found An Old Picture
So Many Things Have Changed
We Have Seen The Moon Cry
Craving For The Day's Rays
I Stared Into Our Picture
So Many Things Have Changed
Our Skin Has Been A Victim
To The Gravity Of Age
Today I Touched Our Picture
We Were So Young And Free
Scarless, We Were Virgins
To The Pain This Life Would Bring
Today I Kissed Our Picture
Oh, I Wouldn't Change A Thing
We Screamed In Different Voices
But Together We Would Sing
Today I Showed You Our Picture
We Laugh After We Cried
We Were Searching So Blindly
What We've Always Had Inside
Today We Took A New Picture
Smiling Closer By My Side
The Reflection Of The Lens
Showed The Wrinkles In Our Eyes
Today We Framed Our Picture
On The Wall Inside Our Home
When The World Is Cold Outside
Our Picture Keeps Us Warm
Time Is our Frenemy
Though So Many Things Will Change,
The Love And Inner Beauty,
That Always Remains

Yesterday We Took A Picture...

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