Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be Mine

"Be Mine"

Today she's my Valentine, tomorrow she'll be mine. She knows that time will stand still when her heart lays next to mine.
Her loyalty is divine, so I'll do everything for her. I found the value of my dime in a pocket full of quarters.
A rose is just a flower that will grow out of the dirt and unless you give it worth, into dust it will convert.
She needs no sex or money, all she really wants is time to spend a lifetime full of dancing underneath my soothing sky.
I thank the other guys for drowning her emotions in a river that eventually found its way into my ocean.
We drank the passion potion, and I tied her with my arms. We plan to make it last forever because forever's very long.
We celebrate what we create every time that we're awake. Today is just a day for love to have a dedicated date.
As we lay the night to rest, I take her by the eyes and let her know that she's my Valentine, but tomorrow she'll be mine.