Wednesday, February 6, 2013

She Walks Alone

"She Walks Alone"

She fears no evil and walks through the dark,

she has a conscience that's never sold.
She carries a "see through"  mirror,
she's beautiful without being told.
She mysteriously hides nothing
yet her truth can be cold.
She's been held in the hands of a beast,
well at least that's what many have told. 
Her eyes are the hardest to see,
she would rather leave unknown
because it's better to die lonely
than to live life feeling alone.
Some say that she waits for the day
that love will take her away.
She'd rather have nightmares at sleep
then to be dreamy while she is awake.
Her future gets thinner with time
but her patience is tougher than stone.
She waits for her winnable prize
that will follow wherever she roams. 

She walks alone...