Friday, February 1, 2013

Silent Love

"Silent Love"

You caught the corner of my eye but we didn't speak, I get so weak when I see you although we never meet.  I feel you seeking for my passion and I think you found it. Our passion is loud but our love is silent.

We close our eyes and we take a chance. We stand still while our lips dance. With every kiss our lips say more than words. We lay quiet while the world turns. We take it further so I fold a knee, stare in your eyes under our favorite tree. You cover up your mouth and nod yes to the diamond. Our passion is loud but our love is silent.

The years pass tangled with many laughs. Overcoming the bad is what has made us last. Now our bodies have begun to fade because with life comes living and with living comes age. With you beside me as I lay in bed, I give you that last look, and take my last breath. After the tears you continue with all that I left. Our passion is loud but our love is silent.

A quiet home with only one plate placed on the table next to that one place, where so much was once said. A lady lays right next to that one space where a man once said that love is only for the brave. So if she dares to be his until her time ends, their love will be loud but filled will so much silence.