Friday, February 1, 2013



You're on the edge of a cliff that hangs right above felicity, the missing key is jumping off to follow your epiphany.
All the words you were promised, broke and didn't really last, but it's the fear to dive alone and feel the falling really fast.
You love the ground you stand on but you rather fall and fly to land in hands that will appreciate instead of holding you with lies.
When you wonder why you stay where your just placed into the dark, remember the fuel to you're fire only needs a little spark.

You're digging a deep hole to place all your emotions in. The scene is too familiar because you've recently placed a loved one in.
The pain is over whelming because this person was your life but now they left you without light to travel deep into the night.
Just keep in mind, we're born to form then break apart. So every person that we come across just autographs the heart. For the most part, the end is just the start and that fuel to all your fire only needs a little spark.