Monday, February 25, 2013

Packing Up My Dreams

"Packing Up My Dreams"

I sleep high on my pillow with my eyes open wide
all the lies about falling keep my progress alive
When they said that I couldn't leave, I took a deep breath
and flew high with the rest of the birds that all left.
But they will clip your wings if you let them decide
who takes over your dreams in the night
Put the green in your light and let your visions expand.
Walk on more than a road on a land.
Take it forward and follow the plan,
let all doubts be the fuel to your form.
Don't let the rain drops slide down on your cheeks
as you walk through the furious storm.
I'll be gone for the rest of my life,
if you want you can follow me there.
Bring your dreams, hope, desire in bags
and leave back all the fears of a fail.
I stand up for what I believe, even if I'm standing alone.
They can't take that passion from me,
that is something I vividly own.
So they can steal from my reality and attack my self-esteem
but I will continue packing up my dreams.