Monday, March 25, 2013

Trapped In The Middle

"Trapped In The Middle"

In the beginning you where pure without the remedies and cures.
You were a child full of innocence until your happiness matured.
Right before the dawn of your corruption and eruption of hate,
there lived a mind that never saw or heard the evil to say.
Before the years got away and you learned the truth of the world,
there was a genuine smile that occurred without being told.
There was a passion to live before the whisper in your ear
told what you should believe in, and what you should fear.

In the end you'll see the evil and though you''ll no longer be pure
you'll still seek the happiness you did back when you were immature.
Despite your body getting heavy and taking more for you to smile,
when it's revealed the smile is real and genuine just like a child's.
The passion never disappears but the whispering will fade
and you'll find that all your fears were believing what they said.
Life can be a maze or enigmatic like a riddle
Be free and live how we begin and end or stay trapped in the middle.