Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Last Day

"The Last Day"

The night darkens and all the eyes start to open,
hoping for a glimpse of the light but their life's broken.

The doubt of time running out that hides deep in a corner
is now exposed with a thought of every day becoming shorter.

The chase is finally over and we see it's not a race;
we're all running different ways but run into the same place.

Now we hug a little tighter, breathe a little deeper,
love a little harder and fall a little steeper.

Funny how you go from standing still into a leaper
once you finally get a glance at the dark shadow of the reaper.

I just hope that my imaginary friends are all wrong
because I still have words written for this song.

Some are afraid that the calendar stops and the world ends,
but my fear is that we'll continue without making one change.