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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Last Day

"The Last Day"

The night darkens and all the eyes start to open,
hoping for a glimpse of the light but their life's broken.

The doubt of time running out that hides deep in a corner
is now exposed with a thought of every day becoming shorter.

The chase is finally over and we see it's not a race;
we're all running different ways but run into the same place.

Now we hug a little tighter, breathe a little deeper,
love a little harder and fall a little steeper.

Funny how you go from standing still into a leaper
once you finally get a glance at the dark shadow of the reaper.

I just hope that my imaginary friends are all wrong
because I still have words written for this song.

Some are afraid that the calendar stops and the world ends,
but my fear is that we'll continue without making one change.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Trapped In The Middle

"Trapped In The Middle"

In the beginning you where pure without the remedies and cures.
You were a child full of innocence until your happiness matured.
Right before the dawn of your corruption and eruption of hate,
there lived a mind that never saw or heard the evil to say.
Before the years got away and you learned the truth of the world,
there was a genuine smile that occurred without being told.
There was a passion to live before the whisper in your ear
told what you should believe in, and what you should fear.

In the end you'll see the evil and though you''ll no longer be pure
you'll still seek the happiness you did back when you were immature.
Despite your body getting heavy and taking more for you to smile,
when it's revealed the smile is real and genuine just like a child's.
The passion never disappears but the whispering will fade
and you'll find that all your fears were believing what they said.
Life can be a maze or enigmatic like a riddle
Be free and live how we begin and end or stay trapped in the middle.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Packing Up My Dreams

"Packing Up My Dreams"

I sleep high on my pillow with my eyes open wide
all the lies about falling keep my progress alive
When they said that I couldn't leave, I took a deep breath
and flew high with the rest of the birds that all left.
But they will clip your wings if you let them decide
who takes over your dreams in the night
Put the green in your light and let your visions expand.
Walk on more than a road on a land.
Take it forward and follow the plan,
let all doubts be the fuel to your form.
Don't let the rain drops slide down on your cheeks
as you walk through the furious storm.
I'll be gone for the rest of my life,
if you want you can follow me there.
Bring your dreams, hope, desire in bags
and leave back all the fears of a fail.
I stand up for what I believe, even if I'm standing alone.
They can't take that passion from me,
that is something I vividly own.
So they can steal from my reality and attack my self-esteem
but I will continue packing up my dreams.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

What You Are

"What you are"

You take off your mask when everyone else hides.
You create the loudest silence that I can hear with my eyes.
The mirrors are strangers that you've met in the past and you laugh when you smile like you smile when you laugh.
You're loyal to you, you're loyal to me, you're conservative when you are totally free.
You're naked with truth, you and all are a unity.
They call you many words but I call you beauty.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be Mine

"Be Mine"

Today she's my Valentine, tomorrow she'll be mine. She knows that time will stand still when her heart lays next to mine.
Her loyalty is divine, so I'll do everything for her. I found the value of my dime in a pocket full of quarters.
A rose is just a flower that will grow out of the dirt and unless you give it worth, into dust it will convert.
She needs no sex or money, all she really wants is time to spend a lifetime full of dancing underneath my soothing sky.
I thank the other guys for drowning her emotions in a river that eventually found its way into my ocean.
We drank the passion potion, and I tied her with my arms. We plan to make it last forever because forever's very long.
We celebrate what we create every time that we're awake. Today is just a day for love to have a dedicated date.
As we lay the night to rest, I take her by the eyes and let her know that she's my Valentine, but tomorrow she'll be mine.

Monday, February 11, 2013



We take it off, before we touch, before we kiss, before the day is gone. You open soft, I lay you down and dive deep inside your precious soul. We take it off.

We take it off, before we finish we diminish everything that's wrong. My thoughts lay in your arms, inside a dark room filled with candles lit by truth for all. We take it off. 

We take it off, after we make love with our trust to never lie to us. A rule that fails to lust, a rule that's very sacred because in order to truly love, our minds must be completely naked.
We take it off.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

She Walks Alone

"She Walks Alone"

She fears no evil and walks through the dark,

she has a conscience that's never sold.
She carries a "see through"  mirror,
she's beautiful without being told.
She mysteriously hides nothing
yet her truth can be cold.
She's been held in the hands of a beast,
well at least that's what many have told. 
Her eyes are the hardest to see,
she would rather leave unknown
because it's better to die lonely
than to live life feeling alone.
Some say that she waits for the day
that love will take her away.
She'd rather have nightmares at sleep
then to be dreamy while she is awake.
Her future gets thinner with time
but her patience is tougher than stone.
She waits for her winnable prize
that will follow wherever she roams. 

She walks alone...

Friday, February 1, 2013



You're on the edge of a cliff that hangs right above felicity, the missing key is jumping off to follow your epiphany.
All the words you were promised, broke and didn't really last, but it's the fear to dive alone and feel the falling really fast.
You love the ground you stand on but you rather fall and fly to land in hands that will appreciate instead of holding you with lies.
When you wonder why you stay where your just placed into the dark, remember the fuel to you're fire only needs a little spark.

You're digging a deep hole to place all your emotions in. The scene is too familiar because you've recently placed a loved one in.
The pain is over whelming because this person was your life but now they left you without light to travel deep into the night.
Just keep in mind, we're born to form then break apart. So every person that we come across just autographs the heart. For the most part, the end is just the start and that fuel to all your fire only needs a little spark.

Silent Love

"Silent Love"

You caught the corner of my eye but we didn't speak, I get so weak when I see you although we never meet.  I feel you seeking for my passion and I think you found it. Our passion is loud but our love is silent.

We close our eyes and we take a chance. We stand still while our lips dance. With every kiss our lips say more than words. We lay quiet while the world turns. We take it further so I fold a knee, stare in your eyes under our favorite tree. You cover up your mouth and nod yes to the diamond. Our passion is loud but our love is silent.

The years pass tangled with many laughs. Overcoming the bad is what has made us last. Now our bodies have begun to fade because with life comes living and with living comes age. With you beside me as I lay in bed, I give you that last look, and take my last breath. After the tears you continue with all that I left. Our passion is loud but our love is silent.

A quiet home with only one plate placed on the table next to that one place, where so much was once said. A lady lays right next to that one space where a man once said that love is only for the brave. So if she dares to be his until her time ends, their love will be loud but filled will so much silence.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Loving A Ghost

"Loving A Ghost"

I wake from a late night to a soft noise in my home.
The last drop from the faucets stops as I realize I'm alone.
The million lights are off, and I'm afraid of the dark.
I try so hard to turn them on but they've been broken from the start.
A shadow walks in front of me, it tells me where to go.
I turn around to see who follows and see a shadow on the floor.
My heart is pounding and the adrenaline has found me.
Why does it feel like I'm alone but there's a set of eyes around me.
I try to look for comfort when I need it at the most,
but there's a price you have to pay when you are living with a ghost.

When you're in love with a ghost.

The Beauty That Surrounds You

"The Beauty That Surrounds You"

Dark clouds and a wet pavement. Fallen flowers and a dead fragrance. Breaking off but your maintaining. You're the only star in the sky.

Warm babies in a cold world. Old ladies holding old stones. In a world of the unknown you tell the truth when the rest lie.

Men hate what they can't touch. They try to open but you won't budge.
You seen the worst but you won't judge. You're the sound of melody to music.

Broken pen and some lost words. Torn paper and a tossed poem. No matter where you stand alone, you're surrounded by beauty.

Vibrations In The Air

"Vibrations In The Air"

They say that love at first sight exist but I think very different. It takes something more than visions when your heart's ready to listen.

I heard a calling but I couldn't seem to find you anywhere, until heard my name through vibrations in the air.

You touched my body with your heat, grabbed my attention with your eyes. Your lips tasted like dessert, a lust I won't deny.

I wish that I could say love at first sight was in your stare, but I fell in love with vibrations in the air.